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09:00-09:15 – Participants Registration
09:15-09:30 – Opening Remark from Andreas Heinrich

Session 1. What is Quantum Nanoscience?

09:30-10:00 – General Introduction – Andreas Heinrich “What is Quantum Nanoscience?”
10:00-10:30 – William D. Oliver “Quantum Nanoscience and Engineering of Superconducting Qubits”
10:30-11:00 – Yonuk Chong “Brief summary of the quantum computing strategic planning 2017-2018, and quantum computing research program in Korea 2019”
11:00-11:30 – Andrew Dzurak “Silicon-based quantum computing: The path from the laboratory to industrial manufacture”

11:30-13:00 – Lunch

Session 2. Quantum Sensing with Nanoscale Systems

13:00-13:45 – General introduction – Ania Jayich “Nitrogen-vacancy center spins in diamond for quantum technologies: progress and challenges”
13:45-14:15 – Jörg Wrachtrup “Analyzing chemical and structural composition by nanoscale NMR”
14:15-14:30 – Sangyun Lee “Electrical charge state manipulation of single silicon vacancies in a silicon carbide quantum optoelectronic device”
14:30-15:00 – Coffee Break
15:00-15:15 – Jungbae Yoon “Quantum Sensing Based on Diamond NV centers and its application for bio samples”
15:15-15:30 – Kyunghoon Jung “Deep Learning Approach for Efficient Spectral Decomposition of Spin Resonance to Detect Nuclear Spins in Diamond”
15:30-16:00 – Donghun Lee “Sensing strain and magnetic field with quantum point defects”

16:30-17:30 – QNS Building Tour

18:00-20:00 – Official Dinner

Day 2, September 26th (Thursday)

09:00-09:15 – Coffee break

Session 3. Theory Challenges in Quantum Nanoscience

09:15-10:00 – General Introduction – Daniel Loss “Ge and Si Nanowires: New Platforms for Spin and Majorana Qubits”
10:00-10:30 – Jelena Klinovaja “Second Order Topological Superconductivity in π-Junction Rashba Layers”
10:30-11:00 – Martin B. Plenio “Quantum Control of Quantum Systems on the Nanoscale”
11:00-11:15 – Stanislav Avdoshenko “Theoretical study of Ho atom at MgO surface: valence electrons effect”
11:15-11:30 – Hosung Seo “First-principles theory of single-photon emitters in two dimensional crystals for quantum information science”

11:30-13:00 – Lunch

Poster Session

13:00-15:30 – Poster Session (Daesan Gallery)
14:00-14:30 – Coffee Break

QNS Dedication Ceremony

16:00-16:15 – Ewha President
16:15-16:30 – IBS President
16:30-17:30 – Public Talk – Don Eigler

17:30-18:00 – Art Contest Award Ceremony

18:30-22:00 – Excursion

Day 3, September 27th (Friday)

09:00-09:15 – Coffee break

Session 4. Quantum Surface Science at the Nanoscale

09:15-10:00 – General Introduction – Taeyoung Choi “Quantum surface science at Nanoscale”
10:00-10:30 – Harald Brune “Hyperfine Interactions and Intra-atomic Spin Excitations in Single Atom Magnets”
10:30-10:45 – Deungjang Choi “Cooper pair tunneling through a molecular junction”
10:45-11:00 – Saiful Islam “Scanning tunneling Microscopy study of Electronic and Spin states of Single molecule magnet”
11:00-11:40 – Fabio Donati “Probing the magnetism of single atoms with orbital sensitivity”

11:40-13:00 – Lunch

Session 5. A Chemical Route to Quantum Nanoscience

13:00-13:45 – General Introduction – Roberta Sessoli “Magnetic molecules for the second quantum revolution: potential and challenge”
13:45-14:05 – Yujeong Bae “Controlling spin transport through exchange coupled molecules using an STM”
14:05-14:25 – Taner Esat “A standing molecule as a single-electron field emitter”
14:25-15:00 – Coffee Break
15:00-15:20 – Mykola Telychko “Atomically precise bottom-up synthesis of π-extended triangulene”
15:20-15:40 – Ruoning Li “Observation of biradical spin coupling through hydrogen bonds”
15:40-16:00 – Danna Freedman “Chemical approaches to quantum information science”
16:00-16:30 – Wolfgang Wernsdorfer “Operating quantum states in individual magnetic molecules”
16:30-17:00 – Arzhang Ardavan “Using DNA to assemble molecular electronic devices”

17:00-17:15 – Poster Awards Ceremony

17:15-17:30 – Closing remark from Andreas Heinrich

17:30-17:45 – Group Photo